The Smart phone to the rescue

The day I was stranded: Working in the legal profession has its own set of perks. You are always in the knowhow of everything and never far removed from action. But if there is one thing that youhave to accept,then it is being in the middle of whole lot of papers. Case papers, briefs, legal stamp papers, drafts, copy of the acts, commentaries et al; from the office to home , the study and even the car – there would hardly be any place which would not have any (a whole lot of it actually) papers in it. It is important that a counsel has all relevant information of the ensuing case at his fingertips so that he is never short of any arguments or is never caught unaware.

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01 Oct 2017

This got me interested!
I have been a counsel for twelve years but this was something that I had never heard of. Imagine doing away with your fax machine.

03 Oct 2017

"How do you manage with your documents?" I asked inquiringly. He removed his android phone from his coat pocket and smiled gesturing it to me. Fax technology through fax machine? How?

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Who uses a facsimile anymore?
Only the other day, my colleagues and I were discussing how our erstwhile office desk has a phenomenal makeover with a lot of copying and communication machines taking a backseat albeit almost disappearing since the smart phones and the laptops have started reigning.


Lawyers spend a lot f time in their study:

In a court of law, the lawyer must have all his answers ready. He must never fall short of any arguments. The moment he looks less confident there is a high chance that the opposing counsel will get a clue and try on playing on his insecurities. Similarly, all paperwork including written arguments and history and also exhibits also have to be kept handy just incase there is a need to present them to the judgesin order to either corroborate a fact or deny an allegation. This is the reason why a counsel’s office must have all the important devices in order to help him shine in his work life.

Your fax machine also?

I couldn’t believe my ears! What, please come again, did you say your facsimile machine is redundant too? He grinned and repeated yes, that is right. Both my desktop and facsimile machine is in the backoffice and I have no plans to put them to use again. He also confided that since both of the machines were in a rather good condition, he had decided to not give them in for recycling but rather look out for a deserving candidate for them. Smithson said he used android because he was more comfortable with it.

He saw the bewilderment in my eyes and as if he understood without me comprehending, he tried being helpful with it. He helped me download a free fax application from the playstore and helped me sign up with it. A couple of steps later, I was ready to be able to send a fax from any location that I was in. I cannot tell you how useful this is going to be for me. Let me tell you of this instance, the other day I was at aclient meeting and there was an urgent filing in the court where my apprentice needed my signature ona paper to be submitted as an exhibit in an important case.

He tried the sending it throughthe email. But the best that I could do was to peruse it and send him back for corrections. Since there was no facsimile at the client’s place, I advised my junior to wait till I got back. Imagine, if I had known about this application that lets youfax from the smart phone itself, it would have served me great. Smithson had the last word when he said its better late than never!



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